European Student Card

For students, the KIT-Card is also valid as a student ID of the KIT.
In addition, the KIT-Cards for students are provided with the features of the "European Studen Card (ESC)":

  1. "European Student Identifier (ESI)" with country code according to Din/ISO, EU-wide unique "Personal Identification Code (PIC)" of KIT and matriculation number as unique identifier within KIT.

  2. QR-Code
    The stored URL contains the EU-wide unique number, the "European Student Card Number". At a later stage, students can register at a portal and thus enable authorized institutions to determine the validity of the ESC on the basis of this URL.

  3. Hologram to increase counterfeit protection

The URL of the QR code looks like this:

The text behind the last "/" is called the "European Student Card Number (ESCN)" and is assigned to each ESC as a unique identifier. This code must be registered with the ESC router, together with your KIT e-mail address and the ESI. The URL will be valid and usable only after this. For data protection reasons, this registration is not automatically done by the KIT, it has to be approved by the cardholder.

If the function is activated, the following data will be transmitted by KIT:

  • European Student Identifier (ESI)
  • European Student Card Number (ESCN)
  • Your Mail address:
  • Card validity

For more information see European Student Card page.

The function for approving is currently under development on the portal and will be available for all students shortly. If you need to activate your card before the beginning of self registering, please contact service∂ with the request to activate the ESC. Please enter your matriculation number and assure explicitly that you agree with the transfer of the data to the ESC-Router.